FREE: Wim Hof Method practice tracker Template

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I created this template to replace the Wim Hof Method app on my phone. You can use it to track your breath retention and the days you do the cold exposure. Feel free to expand on the template and use it to track other habits too.

Check out a walkthrough video of the template on YouTube:

- Retention timer

- Guided video

- Brethwork log

- Ability to track your cold exposure

- Automatic averages calculated at the bottom of each table

- 2022 dates

- A “completed” column showing 💪🧊 for breathwork and cold exposure

- Dates up to 2025

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You’ll get a Notion template to track your breathing exercises (link in the txt file sent after purchase). Breathe along with the Wim Hof guided video and use the embedded stopwatch to track your breath retention.

Template guide
Instructions included with all templates
Retention timer
Use the stopwatch to time your breath retention
Guided breathing
Follow along with an official Wim Hof YouTube video
Breathwork log
Track your breath retention across the entire year to see it improve
Multiple views
See the past 7 days, month, or entire year to get an overview of how much you’re improving
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FREE: Wim Hof Method practice tracker Template

3 ratings
I want this!