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FREE: Holiday Request ClickUp Template

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Using ClickUp and want to handle vacation requests from your team? Now you can with this premade form and template 🌴


  1. Team member fills out the holiday request form
  2. A new request task is added to the calendar
  3. An automated email is sent to the manager to approve or deny the request
  4. When the request is approved or denied, an automated email is sent to the user, updating them on their request.

What's Included

Premade request form

Calendar and list views

Custom statuses

Bonus content - How to create a dashboard

Walkthrough document with explanation video

See it in action

Walkthrough doc

The form

The request template

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Note: Automations aren't included in ClickUp templates. The walkthrough document explains how to make and customise your own. You'll need to have the email integration enabled on ClickUp to send automated emails.

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📊 Dashboard instructions
▶ Walkthrough document and video
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FREE: Holiday Request ClickUp Template

0 ratings
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