Notion Template for Podcasters

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If you’re a podcast host or someone wanting to create their first episode, this Notion podcast template is for you.

Use the episode tracker table to plan and release all your podcast episodes. Use Notion’s new status property to quickly see the progress of each episode.

Planning a new podcast episode is as easy as clicking a button. Each episode comes with its own template containing recording, editing, and publishing checklists. These will set you up for successful recording and editing sessions and help you create new episodes faster.

This template is already being used by 300+ podcasters

This podcast episode template is the result of of making too many silly mistakes when I first started making a podcast. Not setting the right sample rate for recording, forgetting to normalise the audio when exporting, not having brand assets I could refer to for the episode art.

All of these mistakes cost me a lot of time. So I created a checklist for every step of the way.

Here’s a look at some of the things you’ll find in this template.

A central place to see all your episodes

At the centre of this template is the podcast episode tracker table. It shows all the episodes you’ve released and gives you a place to quickly store new episode ideas. Each episode can be tagged with useful information, such as:

  • Status
  • Guests
  • Tags
  • Episode artwork
  • Sponsor
  • Recording date
  • Release date
  • Episode links

When episodes are in their idea phase, you can use the simple Ideas list to pick out a topic you’d like to work on next.

Once they’re recorded and edited, you can schedule them for release using the calendar view.

With the built-in guest list database, you can see exactly who appear on each episode. Want to let them know their episode has gone live or invite them on to chat again? Send them an email! Their contact details are stored and connected to each episode they appear on.

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The Checklists

Inside every episode template are 3 checklists. A recording checklist, an editing checklist, and a publishing checklist.

These will guide you every step of the way with making a new podcast episode.

  • Recording: No more forgetting to put your phone on do not disturb mode before you record.
  • Editing: Always remember to export at -16 LUFS for a stereo episode or -19 LUFS for mono.
  • Publishing: And don’t forget your episode artwork should be 3000x3000px when you publish!

Get The Template

This is a paid template. If you want to watch the walkthrough video and recreate it yourself, I support you! You’ll learn a lot about Notion that way.

But if you want to save time and have the complete template in your Notion workspace in 30 seconds, you can purchase it now.

Walkthrough video 👇

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Everything you need to plan a successful podcast.

Episodes page
Plan all your podcast episodes with a prebuilt template.
Guests page
Automatically linked to your episodes page, track your guests and see who you've contacted already.
Branding page
A place to store your artwork and list your brand colours and fonts.
Social media planner
Plan your social media content before you post it.
Podcast host page
Keep track of where your podcast actually lives.
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Notion Template for Podcasters

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