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Notion Invoice Template (Premium)

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Create professional invoices, fast 🚀

If you want clients to take you seriously and pay you on time, then you need to send them professional looking invoices.

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Here's what you'll get:

A one-click, ready to send invoice

With this template, you click a button and your invoice is made.
I've gone through the hard work of making it export-ready so you don't need to spend time editing the layout.

2023 update❣️

We have added a new view to show all your paid invoices during the tax year.

To add another tax year, simply duplicate the new Tax Year view. Then edit the start and end dates for the new tax year.

Know which clients are late with their payments

Late? Again!?
You won't need to waste time trawling through you invoices to see who hasn't paid you yet.
Late payments are highlighted on your dashboard automatically.
See exactly how many days overdue the client is with their payment.

Track multiple currencies

One client wants to pay you in dollars $. The other in pounds £. Some even in bitcoin?
Use the currency selector to request to be paid in any currency.

Save time using the built-in CRM

Which client has spent the most money with you? Now you know! The total is automatically calculated for you each time you create an invoice for that client.
Store all your client's details in the CRM provided.
Select your client from a list and have your invoice automatically populated with their info.

See the dashboard in action

Dashboard View

Invoice pg 1

Invoice pg 2

2022 - 2023 Tax Year

Are you ready to start saving time and getting paid?
Here's everything you'll get:

  • One-click, professional invoices
  • Automatic invoice ID
  • Track overdue payments
  • Client CRM database
  • Calendar view to see due dates
  • See all your invoices in each tax year
  • 16 minute video guide 📼

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One-click, professional invoices
Automatic invoice ID
Track overdue payments
Client CRM database
16 minute video guide
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Notion Invoice Template (Premium)

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