FREE: Notion Invoice Template

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If you’re using Notion in a professional setting, this invoice templates will be a great addition to your workspace.

note - This is the free version. The paid version has many more features and an integrated CRM database. Check it out here:

Template Contents

The template contains everything I you’d expect in an invoice. List your invoice items in the breakdown table and have the total calculated for you.

There is a payment section including bank transfer and IBAN details. Just replace the details with your own and save it as a template for easy duplication.

Extra: PayPal and Stripe buttons to accept payment. Add your PayPal and Stripe info as links on the payment buttons.

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I want this!

An easy to duplicate invoice template in Notion.

Company details
Fill out your company details for easy duplication
Client details
A section so you can keep a record of who you’re billing
Saved as date formats in Notion, select your issue date and due date using the built in calendar
List all the items you are invoicing for and have the total calculated automatically
Give your client options by accepting payment via BACS, IBAN, PayPal and Stripe


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FREE: Notion Invoice Template

7 ratings
I want this!